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Important Aspects to Look at When Purchasing a Pug Puppy

Are you planning to bring home a pug puppy? Well, this can be quite exciting, especially if this is your first time to purchase a pug puppy. But, you want to ensure that you are choosing the right pug puppy for you and your family. It’s prudent to ensure that you are picking the best breeders so that you don’t bring home a pug puppy with health complications. Make sure that you have visited the pug puppies in person and ensure that you have purchased the right one that suits your needs. Make sure that you have asked the breeder several questions about their pug puppy’s pedigree and health before proceeding with your purchase. Before bringing your furry friend home, you will want to make sure that you have considered some tips. Here are several tips to look at.

To get started, make sure that you are choosing a pug puppy that’s perfect for you. You need to know that pug puppies come with special needs and preferences. As such, pug puppies require more attention than adult dogs. Before starting your journey to find the right pug puppy, you will want to narrow down your options to find out whether you can accommodate one. You should ensure that you have set ample time for your dog. Pug puppies require more time for feeding, training, and socialization. If you have a fixed schedule at work, it’s prudent to make sure that you have settled things down before buying your pug puppy. In addition, pug puppies need maintenance. Pug puppies have folds on their faces that require frequent cleaning and are also susceptible to shedding. Make sure that you have frequently groomed your pug puppy and be ready to have a home with hair.

Next, you will want to familiarize yourself with potential health issues before purchasing your pug puppy. Like other breeds, you need to know that pugs are susceptible to specific health issues. While a reliable breeder knows how to deal with such problems, some health issues can’t be easily bred out. It’s important to make sure that you have familiarized yourself with some risks associated with pug puppies and make sure that you are well-prepared to deal with them.

You need to know that all pug puppies regardless of breeding are susceptible to eye issues. Pugs have bulging eyes, making the corneas to be exposed. With this, pug’s eyes tend to develop some sort of ulcers. Furthermore, pugs overheat because of their flat face, and this might make it difficult for them to breathe. These issues can become intolerable in hot climates, and overheating can result in some serious health complications. Behaviorally, pug puppies are a friendly breed. They might develop anxiety problems when separated. If you travel a lot, a pug might not be an ideal option for you. It’s important to ensure that you have spent most of your time with your pug to keep her happy and comfortable. Alternatively, you can hire a pet sitter to keep your pug company if you are quite busy.

To wrap up, make sure that you have purchased a pug puppy with a good temperament!

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