Do You Suffer From Pet Phobia?

Eek! I just saw a spider! And I can’t find a stool tall enough to protect me from such a creepy crawly critter!

We all have phobias, yet most of us are able to deal with them so that they do not affect our lives or rule over us in our daily tasks. Many of us suffer from phobias, especially children and if you suffered from a traumatic experience that involved that phobia, it often haunts you for life, and can bring on strong symptoms of having a panic attack. I have yet to get over my phobia of spiders, slowly but surely I am getting brave enough to at least throw a shoe at them, besides my usual shriek and dash from the room. Of course being traumatized by two brothers whom were not afraid of spiders, yet knew my weakness, created a phobia of spiders in me. One of my brother’s is deathly afraid of bees after having the misfortune of falling into a beehive when very young and getting stung multiple times, very traumatic and yet he was fortunate to not be seriously harmed.

But what if you suffer from pet phobia? Some folks from an early age suffer from dog phobia, afraid as a youngster of the big furry beast that came at them, or having the misfortune of being badly bitten or frightened terribly by an angry dog.

Cat phobia is usually suffered by women, perhaps because women can be catty themselves, and fear the repercussions of their catty ways! Of course my jokes are bad, but if you suffer from cat phobia it can be very debilitating, where you can’t even enter a room that a cat has been in. You fear perhaps their eyes, their teeth and mostly afraid of a cat jumping out at you and scratching you.

Thankfully there is help for those that suffer from phobias, the only way you can truly overcome your phobia is to either pay big money to a psychiatrist, or the most effective proven method is to face your fears and stand up to them not let them stand you down.

Slowly face what scares you and force yourself to not bolt, let yourself experience the panic attack, and you will find you will not die or waste away or the animal will not harm you. Make sure the pet that you’re overcoming your phobia is of course passive and friendly.

Many animals suffer from phobias, some phobias are loud noises, flashes of light, fire, smoke, closed spaces or heights and even humans if they suffered at the hands of an animal abuser. These pets will often be meek, scared, may bite or scratch out of fear not anger, distrustful, and perhaps uncontrollable. To help an animal overcome their fears, be gentle, calm and loving, especially patient. As it will take a lot of time and love for an animal that suffers from a phobia to overcome their fears. Perhaps not all of it, but there will be less anxiety and fear.

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